Anchor Saver®, LLC

Dear Customer,

Before you place your order for a custom anchor saver!

In order to be sure that this product fits your boat exactly,
We need some additional information.

1. What type of Anchor do you have and how heavy is it?
2. What is the size and displacement of your boat?
3. Please give us your anchor’s measurements
(How To Measure )       Click Here
4. It would, also, be helpful, if it is easy for you, to send us a few pictures of
Your anchor and Windlass in its stored position

(Swivel not included with custom anchor saver)

Once we have this information your order can be processed and shipped
within one week. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us.

NOTE; Anchor Saver® recommends using a 7/16  or larger  rope / rode to break shear pins.

Brad Smith
Anchor Saver®, LLC
Phone: 239-249-1603