Anchor saver is proud to introduce a new improved line of shear bolts.

I have been talking to our customers and getting feedback from the dealers coast to coast
about our product. We found our customers wanted an easier release when their anchor is stuck. They simply wanted to retrieve their anchor so they could continue fishing. some customers  thought the bolts were to hard to break. As the new owner of Anchor Saver, I  started researching and developing a new shear bolt that would break at exactly the pressure required for each size anchor with little variation. Working with some engineers and Fortress Anchor, I have come up with a NEW shear bolt with more consistent breaks, offering exactly the correct amount of pressure required for your boat. These pins not only break with less pressure but they also have a stronger shear size than the bronze shear bolts.  We were also able to lower the cost of these new bolts to all our customers.
Peter Weinstein, the previous owner/inventor of  Anchor Saver has been testing the new product on his 33 Grady in the Jupiter area where the current rips 4-5 knots on average. He recently sent the following Email to: Brad Smith new owner of Anchor Saver.
Yesterday we were anchored up for two hours in a strong current flow off of Jupiter. When we went to retrieve the anchor, we realized the anchor was stuck and applied considerable pressure. The shear bolt broke and we retrieved the anchor. I did not tie the rope to a cleat …the windlass handled the pressure needed to break the bolt. We were using the new 135 pin. In my testing of this new pin, I have had same experience each time the anchor was stuck. (At least 12 break offs). I view this as a supremely important new development for Anchor Saver. The customers will be delighted with this new refinement .

Well done Brad.    Best Regards,
Peter Weinstein: Previous owner and Inventor of Anchor Saver.

The new shear bolts will use the same Part number as the model you purchased.
When you place your order online, please use the word ( BOLT ) in the coupon spot and you will receive a 10 % discount on your order.

Brad Smith: owner of Anchor Saver®


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