Thanks Brad. The Anchor Saver worked exactly as advertised. The shear pin
held under all normal conditions and only broke when that was my objective.
Good product    7/7/2018   Anchorage Alaska   

I just wanted to share an experience that occurred while boating on a recent voyage from Fort Lauderdale to Bimini. I purchased my anchor saver about 3 months ago installed it and basically forgot about it as I mostly fish offshore and I do not anchor much. 3 weeks ago my family and I traveled to Bimini and anchored up on a rock ledge about 60 feet deep. We fished for several hours and after having a nice day attempted to release the anchor. Well gods honest truth, first day in Bimini, our anchor is wedged in on the ledge. Well I watched all the videos many times, now is my chance to see if this little investment really works. Followed the directions to the tee, presto the sacrificial bolt snapped, and the anchor released. Those on the boat could not believe it. Within 5 minutes we had our back up bolt replaced and enjoyed the rest of the day. This easy to install Anchor Saver basically saved our trip as Bimini has very little in the area of replacement parts and we would have been without an anchor. Amazingly this product really works.. Thank you Anchor Saver for basically saving our trip including Honeymoon Harbor and many other places we were needing to anchor.. Thank you again.. Glad I had it. PS there were several boats on that trip that did not return with an anchor.        7/2/2015

We had two Anchor Saver break offs with the new 125 Aluminum pins.  First time we were anchored on a drop off in 300 feet of water. I knew before I dropped the anchor that it was likely to get hung up. All I did was put the boat in gear and moved slowly forward increasing the pressure on the shear pin. My mate yelled to me when it released before I felt it at the helm. For me these new pins are perfect. I know my anchor is holding at anchor and when it is stuck I have an easy break off,  pop in a new pin and back to fishing. these new pins are very satisfying. (I have placed an order for more 125 shear pins.) Thanks’ Brad for a great product. 6/5/2015


Anchor saver has lost us customers! For better or worse, a large number of our customers were replacing anchors that have been lost as the result of being snagged. The question inevitably gets asked “What can I do to prevent this?”. We’ve been referring our customers to the Anchor Saver for several years, and we’ve had yet for a customer to buy another anchor from us as a replacement for one that has been lost!

Dave Bryant, Anchoring.com 2015

Ahoy Brad, 2014
First let me say that your Anchor Saver did exactly what it was designed to do this weekend: I was able to free up my 22# Delta anchor mounted on our 28’ Grady White Sailfish 282 (30’ with anchor pulpit) when it got stuck on an artificial reef. The next thing I discovered is I had no spare bolts – so we adjusted the rest of our fishing day to ‘drift fishing’, which turned out fine. I just ordered replacement bolts. Thanks for a great product and the prompt call back too.
 Sam Joseph, Treasure Island, FL 

November 18, 2012

Living in NE Florida, a large part of our ocean bottom fishing grounds are made up of artificial reefs. While great for attracting and holding fish , the artificial reefs are also notorious for snagging anchors . My anchor also seem to be a magnet  for narrow natural ledges which can be troublesome when retrieving a set anchor. I have lost several  anchors over the years. I have a windlass and every anchor line I cut entails replacing the following at $450 per event.
A friend of mine saw the Anchor Saver at a boat show several years ago and recommended it to me. After losing another anchor/rode a couple of years ago I remembered my friends recommendation . I purchased the Anchor Saver two years ago and am happy to report that I have a "two" year old anchor nestled in my anchor roller.
I have broken the shear bolt to free a hung anchor several times over the past two years. The Anchor Saver works and has probably saved me 10 times the purchase price by not having to replace the anchor and rode multiple times. I am purchasing spare shear bolts and wanted to share my experience with your product. It works!
David - Jacksonville,  FL

April 5th, 2012

I live in the Florida Keys. I fish on the reefs mostly and have lost many anchors over the years. I used to use tie wraps to try to solve this problem, but it got bothersome because they would often break. A friend in the Keys was using your Anchor Saver and was very impressed. I bought an Anchor saver 3 years ago for my 31 Pursuit and I love the way it works. It's very easy to install and the shear pins only shear when it's absolutely necessary, unlike the tie wraps I was using. Good Job on the Anchor Saver!!!
Steve Washington

April 5th, 2012

As a Sea Ray owner of a new 2007 290 Amberjack I bottom fish in the Gulf at every opportunity. In no time I lost two anchors, two lengths of 25 feet of G4 chain and endless amount of rode.  Around 2008, I discovered Anchor Saver on the internet while searching for any application that might prevent the costly replacements an anchor with all components parts including the price to have rode properly tied to use in the windlass without binding.  Sea Ray equips their boats with Kodiak Anchors and Roller Mounts, the spade length is shorter than a regular Delta anchor, thus you have to use a Kodiak Anchor or live with a hole in the bow or change the roller mount.
I contacted Mr. Peter Weinstein with my concerns of a Kodiak anchor.  Peter had not previously fitted a Kodiak anchor before with  the Anchor Saver, he paid to have my anchor ship to his shop in Naples, Florida, to obtain the exact dimensions for developing the system for the Kodiak anchor.  It's now 2012, I still have the same anchor and so confident in this system I have 200 feet of G4 chain and 200 feet of rode.  I have graduated to the newer version of Anchor Saver with a fresh stock of shear pins. The systems works time and time again and more reliable than any other product I have seen.
Nick Mudry - New Port Richey, Florida

February 2nd, 2011

I guess I had not kept up with the improvements you made because the old style worked so well for so long. This new one is a beast and the cable attachment is great. I can honestly say that since I have been using the Anchor Saver system I have not lost even one anchor. As a charter boat we anchor a lot and I mean a lot. My clients are always amazed that I never have to fight with the anchor and it saves me a bunch of time to keep them on fish when I have to move. I know it sounds like a commercial, doesn’t it, but I am telling you once you use the system you will understand why we like it so much. By the way I have had an anchor ball for sale now for years, any takers because I don’t need it. I look forward to many more years of use and again thanks for helping me save my back muscles!!!!
Captain Jeff Brown
 Copout Offshore Fishing Charters.L.L.C.

November 14th, 2010

I first found your product last year at the Miami Boat Show. I was excited to find just what I was looking for.  I had a 34 foot Hydra -sports Boat that I had lost four anchors while fishing off of Naples, Florida.  After having to cut ropes four times I new their had to be a solution so I went to the Miami Show looking for answers. I found and purchased your product and have saved two anchors since installing the Anchor Saving System. The product works great!!! Thank You.
Mark Carrocce

November 8th, 2011

I just wanted to thank you for the help with my anchor saver system. As you know, I am a charter captain out of Montauk, NY and it's bottom fishing time. I do a lot of blackfishing charters throughout the fall and anchoring is the most important part of blackfishing. You really have to get in to the rocky bottom to have a successful day of blackfishing. I have lost many anchors in the past. I have rigged my anchors in the past to release and pull from the bottom. I used it all from tie wraps to nylon twine..The problem was that if I got into a great piece of bottom, I would find myself drifting off the spot due to the tie wraps or nylon twine breaking off and the anchor letting go. So then I would double or triple the tie wraps or double the nylon twine and find myself battling to get the anchor to release. By then time the anchor releases, the main shank is either bent or I just add another anchor to the list of lost anchors.
The anchor saver system is the cure all for my anchoring problems. So far I have broke 3 shear pins the way they were designed to break and I have saved my anchor, chain & line. That alone has saved the cost of the anchor saver three fold. I just wanted to say that your system works great and I highly recommend your system to other charter boat captains as well as fellow boaters.
Yours Truly,
Capt. Steve Roland
 Professional Cryer Fishing Charters
 Montauk Marine Basin
 Montauk N.Y. 11954

November 11th, 2010 

Finally a product that works as advertised!!!
I was skeptical when I first saw Anchor Saver advertised but your pricing was good and service excellent. My Anchor Saver installed just as easily as in your instruction video.
After twice losing an anchor, 100’ of chain and 200’ of line due to fouling I really wanted a solution – and Anchor Saver has delivered. I anchor off Catalina Island frequently and the second time I set the hook after installing Anchor Saver I fouled on a reef. Following the instruction video directions I broke the anchor loose and retrieved it intact. Five minutes later a new shear pin was installed and I was back  fishing.
Thanks for a great product.
Jeff Kurth- Jkmeterman803@gmail.com


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As the leading source for premium anchoring and mooring products in the U.S, Quickline occasionally comes across some innovative marine products that we recommend to our clientele. Please preview our recommendations below and feel free to contact us with any questions.
A Release System for Stuck Anchors
Since 2008, ANCHOR SAVER has had many success stories from boater who have purchased AS and have had a brake off from an obstruction; saving their stuck anchor. The praises and orders for shear pin replacements just keep coming in. Visit their web site at www.anchorsaver.com to see: release dates for new systems, Dealer information, customer testimonials, web links and instructional videos.

July 1st, 2010

Let you know that last year the Santa Lucia wreck off Gordon Pass got $300 worth of anchor, swivel and 30 ft. of chain from me, as it has done to many other fishermen.
When I saw your AnchorSaver at the boat show this Spring, I decided to give it a try.  Delta anchors hold very well and seem to get caught more often because of this.  The very first time I fished with your AnchorSaver, I fouled my anchor hard into some rocks. I just moved forward on the anchor, the pin sheared, and out it came, just like it's supposed to do.  Thanks for a great product.
Ed Follmer, Naples, FL
Thank you for all your help and sending me the steel cable. My Anchor comes up through the Bow Pulpit smoothly and the Anchor Saver worked when caught in a wreck off Miami.
Richard Levy - Miami, Florida


August 1st, 2010  (Anchor Saver Plus)

My Success Story,
I anchor my 39 Foot Express 3 days a week on the west coast (Newport Beach, Ca.) and find I that I get stuck at least once per week. With Anchor Saver the pin breaks and up comes the anchor. In the past I just lost the anchor. Anchor Saver pays for itself, without the hassle of buying a new anchor.
Richard, New Port Beach, Ca.


“I just wanted to let you know that last year the Santa Lucia wreck off Gordon Pass got $300 worth of anchor, swivel and 30 ft. of chain from me, as it has done to many other fishermen.
When I saw your AnchorSaver at the boat show this Spring, I decided to give it a try.  Delta anchors hold very well and seem to get caught more often because of this.  The very first time I fished with your AnchorSaver, I fouled my anchor hard into some rocks. I just reversed the pull on the anchor, by going forward, the pin sheared and out it came, just like it's supposed to do.  Thanks for a great product.”
Ed Follmer - Naples, FL


“...thanks again for inventing this!!!  Best wishes to you and your company and hope you prosper!!!”
Donna Negrich


I struggled with stuck anchors as many of us do for years. I have used the over the counter applications such as wire ties and the like but they seemed to be as much trouble as the stuck anchor itself. When you offered me your product for testing I have to tell you I had reservations as nothing has ever seemed to make it easy. I hooked up anchor saver and used it. Once I learned , which was not long , how to use it, I found it to be very easy and kept using it. It always breaks away when I need it to and I have not lost an anchor since.  It does make it so much easier to re-connect the anchor and go right back to fishing. The system you designed with the pull rope is the only way I can get the anchor back in through the pulpit without reaching way around. Thanks guys and I look forward to using anchor saver for years to come.
Capt. Jeff Brown - www.CopoutFishing.com


February 5th, 2009

"Even though I was skeptical, I installed Anchor Saver on my charter boat.  I purposefully hung up my anchor to determine whether the product worked like it says.  It took pressure to break the pin, but I broke it.  I was able to release and retrieve the stuck anchor. I reset the Anchor Saver and have not broken a pin under normal anchoring conditions.   This product is more efficient than wire ties.  More than that, Anchor Saver does what it says it will do!"
Captain Dave Hanson
Fish Busters Charters
Bonita beach, Fl www.fishbustercharters.com


November 10th, 2008

Recently I was on a fishing trip to the keys with my 36 ft Albermarie and my Anchor Saver which had been installed the month before. We decided to fish for Yellowtails on the close in reef.  Sure enough I got hung up. My anchor was stuck solid.  Lucky for me, the month before I had installed Anchor Saver.  I made a gingerly first attempt and then a slightly more aggressive second attempt with the rope tied off to the cleat.  You could tell when the pin broke and the Anchor was loose.  We used the short rope technique and in minutes we had a new pin in place and were back in business. This product works and saved me an anchor, chain and rope.  If you bottom fish over structure and are concerned about anchor hang-ups I highly recommend you use Anchor Saver.
Capt. Keith Walter: Scuba Marco w/ Capt. Jeff Dawson
Captain’s Chronicles November ‘08
Essential Boat Services Marco Island, FL

February 8th, 2009

Wow, what an absolutely fabulous product!  I hung my anchor up at the 6 mile reef off of Stuart and the Anchor Saver did just what it's supposed to.  It released and saved my anchor! This product is much better than alternate means I've used in the past. I can not over emphasize how good this product is. Thank you Anchor Saver!
Capt. Nippy Pauels
Imonsportfishing Stuart, Florida
Words really can’t do the product justice.  The idea isn’t new, but with a reliable sheer pin designed to give at a certain force the concept now has a reliable and consistent mechanism that holds when it’s supposed to and breaks when it needs to.   Bye-bye zip ties, wires, and cord.   Install a new pin  and you’re ready to fish again!   A friend introduced me to Peter to shoot the underwater footage of the Anchor Saver in action.   I snagged his 35 pound plow in a big beam with protruding re-bar at the 9 mile reef. That footage really shows the potential of this product. Easily retrieving a stuck anchor doesn’t just save your anchor, it saves you time and money! See the video at www.anchorsaver.com.
When you run a charter boat for a living you've got to go where the fish are.  Rocks and reefs pose no problem with the "Anchor Saver".  In the first month alone I avoided several anchor and chain losses with this unique product.  We now equip all our vessels with the "Anchor Saver".